I cannot believe my professor is Queen Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s daughter. I’m still in shock. Royalty.

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I'm gonna be really sad if you leave this site.

Me too :(

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Anonymous writes,

BITCH I MISSED YOU!!! I'm immensely proud of you, you're so well-adjusted and positive. Don't ever change.

Thank you so much!!!! The support means EVERYTHING to me!!

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*Questions you and Drake's marriage* *laughs at your divorce* *sees Nicki Minaj giving him a lap dance* *laughs some more*

I told Onika to do that so that he could stop pining over me. Begone. 

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You've probably already answered this, but why did you choose Law School?

I have but I’d love to give you a version of it!

Basically, when I lived in Abu Dhabi, the Trayvon Martin decision came in. Add to that the fact that I’d always been interested in law/reform/policy because of my passion for (the eradication of) Violence Against Women and I decided that the best way to get reform was from the inside out. I started studying for the LSAT as soon as I got back stateside and could get my hands on study materials. Thanks for asking!!

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A lot of these SJ blogs are being way too passive about Mike Brown's death. I've seen them answer anons saying "I heard Mike reached for his gun" and replying with, "according to articles I've read." Like none of this has anything to do with why he was shot 6 times and TWO times in the head. I've unfollowed so many people it's ridiculous.

NO victim-blaming allowed!!

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You = black excellence

Omg y’all are three sweet!!!!! Thank you!

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You are Black Excellence! You and your friend you took a pic with the other day!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

August 19, 2014

My notes ain’t changed

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Autopsy report showed that mike brown had no drugs in his system and the store owners said that there was no robbery so what the fuck else do you racist ass whites want

To not be held accountable for their actions



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First day of school is done selfies

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You seem kind of nervous. :-/ you're making me nervous.

I’m not nervous at all! My first day was great for me and even being on call was everything to me! Everyone’s been telling me how much work law school is but I’m just sooooo excited to learn and rise to the challenge

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So I was on call for the whole end of the day lol

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cold calling is like when you get called on to answer questions very intensely so you better have read it because you’re going to be grilled on quite a few aspects of the reading

you’re said to be “on call” for that week or that class or whenever 

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please describe your first day of class…!!!

Well, it’s not technically over since it’s three hours a day and I only had the first two hours so far (it’s split up) BUT it was scary because she started cold calling and she cold called my friend and she cried afterwards and it was just overwhelming wondering if she’d cold call me and if i’d know the answer because she was very…let’s say erudite…and formidable. but she didn’t call on me (yet) and now i’m at starbucks studying for the next hour and tomorrow. the material is very interesting, though, and i had a good time—i was just wondering if she’d call on me the whole time and that was anxious-making.

of course i’ll let y’all know how my first day is when i start the full courseload in three weeks!

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sweet theme, bro.